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2018, ha?

I won’t talk a lot about the past and the future, let’s focus on things all around this year with so many last times of university life and first times of all life long.

For two months I will be 22, and that means I get to work and take on my responsibility. No more pushy homework, but more ‘jobs’ instead. I’ve been preparing for it like a year, yes, this year, 2018. I changed a lot of old-school thoughts and have learned so much that I dare to say the practical experiences I’ve acquired this year weight much more than ever. First clue, my blog.

You can just click on the first button above this article, yeah, the so-called ‘article’ button. It’s 78 posts I’ve got in 2018, which indicates that I wrote one post per 5 days, a good habit, right? Most of the total 78 posts are written all on my own, and several(actually, it would be 3) are reprinted since I’ve learned quite a lot from them and cannot stop myself from sharing them to the readers. Weeks ago I heard from an old friend of mine, who told me that she checked my blog a lot and asked me to post more, which really made me feel worth it. The theme of this blog have gone from black and complex to white and simple, I rewrite many times of my css files, justify great quantity of details, like fonts(especially considering many of posts are in Chinese) and colors(two main colors only, theme color and light font color). I also post an article about how to start from jekyll to write your own blog and publish this blog theme in Github, so if you like this simple and elegant jekyll theme, you can just create one on your own accordingly. Blog will keep you not only a good habit of writing something down(you’ll check very often about them, and that means you can post notes in the blog), but also a nice board to share stuff(when many people ask you the same question, throw them a post you’ve already writen the answer down will be really cool).

Okay, blog is it. Not a skill I can earn much money from but something keeps me away from being afraid of writing, hhh. Next I wanna talk about the real job stuff, my career to Huawei. Huawei is the most often company name of 2018, not only mine but the world too. I am very lucky to take the chance of getting to know more about this legend in the very edge. I spent two months preparing for the network technology competition held by Huawei nationally, not many prize got though but totally worth it. I learned the basic knowledge and got to design simple hierarchy of Internet, I met so many nice friends who helped me a lot, I went to Shenzhen and took three days in Huawei university, I got an offer of network technology engineer in Huawei, etc… There are so many things I learned from this competition and it finally became the reason I wanna work in Huawei. After the interview I wrote down my knowledge of this company so if you are interested you can just check this post. Six months later I will leave school and start my job in Huawei, and I think I am ready for the challenges.

Also, these months I focus on front-end development. I joined a teem and got paid by making a management system, I found myself so much into it because I can code and actually make a product. I started nearly from zero but now I am better at Javascript and those library, for example, jquery and react, which helps me code more efficiently. Sometimes I code all day but not feeling exhausted. Front-end development technology is fresh almost every single day, and so do I, spending lots of time finding better ways to cut off those unneeded code and make the html pages work more efficiently. I prefer learning by doing, and this is a good way to learn because it prevents you from thinking too much of useless question but focus more on the problem right on the way.

To my friends, I wanna say “Happy New Year!” to all of you and wish the best of you. Most of our lifes come to a new milestone which may be postgraduate learning, going abroad for futher study or starting the career in a famous company, I am really looking forward to the challenges though, somebody may not. But tomorrow is always another day, and a new colorful day, to all of us, so please live a life you won’t feel regret about and may your dreams come true.

For next year, 2019, I only have two tiny wishes my own. First I will get along with the challenges in work, never afraid of them and do the best. Second I am looking forward to knowing more and writing more about Telegram(the best instant message app in the world I’ve ever known, and I really really like its culture so I wanna get to know it more). BTW, telegram may start an open network project in 2019, which is a really huge one and I cannot wait to use it, you can also read the white paper of this project TON here.
And if you are insterested in join with me a conversation of telegram, or anything, contact me by telegram @Ynewtime.

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